Leverage high-assurance signature trust and remote identity verification to transform your electronic document signing workflows.


A changing world demands increased signature trust

Around the world, regulatory requirements across geographies and industries are calling for increased levels of trust assurance in digital signatures. This trend, along with a growing corporate shift towards remote digital business processes, is driving an accelerating need for signature trust in electronic document signing workflows. Signature trust provides high assurance for:


Assures that the signer is who they say they are


Assures that the document has not been altered


Assures with auditability and time-stamping that the document is legally valid

Meeting the world’s digital signing needs

DigiCert Document Signing Manager is a standout in its flexibility and interoperability with existing business processes.

Flexible signing and integration options

  • Individual signing (eSignature) for web applications
  • Bulk signing (eSeal) for high-volume documents, such as eInvoicing, eArchiving and PDF Filing
  • Pre-built integration with Adobe Sign and DocuSign
  • Integration with CSC-compliant applications through API integration, or with custom-built signing workflows
  • Support for Long Term Validation through time-stamping


Remote identity verification

Verify by DigiCert allows your customers to remotely verify their identity, saving time and money over in-person verification processes.

  • Verification in minutes rather than days
  • Highly secure cloud-based storage of credentials
  • Transformative customer experience, making validation convenient and inexpensive


All levels of assurance (LoA)

DigiCert supports all levels of trust assurance, meeting both global and local needs.

  • Supports AATL and EUTL for Advanced+ and Qualified trust levels
  • Meets the most stringent regulatory requirements for eIDAS, ZertES in Europe and other regional regulatory standards
  • Compliant with requirements for Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), regional regulations such as GDPR, and industry regulations such as HIPAA, FERPA and others

Directly integrated with popular signing applications

Driving business transformation across industries

Signature trust enables the implementation of digital processes in business practices that require higher levels of identity assurance, document integrity and proof of signer.


Leverage remote digital processes and meet regulatory compliance (e.g., KYC, AML), improving both efficiency and customer experience


Prevent invoice tampering with eSeal initiatives, ensuring document integrity and accuracy of contents


Meet government requirements for signature trust in digital programs and workflows


Enable registrar’s offices to issue digital diplomas with eSeals that provide proof of credentials


Improve accuracy and reduce paperwork with digital processes for new patient onboarding

Learn how DigiCert solutions can help you deliver digital trust

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