Important user information

CP/CPS for QuoVadis

CP/CPS for Root CA and Root CA3 v4.38 Effective 28 March 2022
CP/CPS for Root CA2 v2.17 Effective 28 March 2022
QuoVadis PKI Disclosure Statement v1.14 Effective 20 December 2021
Acceptable Sources for QuoVadis Authentication of Identity v1.1 Effective 20 December 2021
CP/CPS for Trust Anchor Root CA (Private) v1.0 Effective 7 March 2016

CPS for PKIoverheid

QuoVadis PKIoverheid CPS v1.12 Effective 16 March 2022
QuoVadis PKIoverheid PKI Disclosure Statement v1.11 Effective 20 December 2021

Time-Stamp Authority

QuoVadis Time-Stamp Disclosure Statement v1.11 Effective 22 November 2021
QuoVadis Time-Stamp Policy/Practice Statement v2.10 Effective 22 November 2021

Other Documents


QuoVadis Certificate Terms of Use
QuoVadis Certificate Terms of Use – Dutch
QuoVadis Certificate Terms of Use – German
QuoVadis Master Services Agreement
QuoVadis Master Services Agreement – Dutch
QuoVadis Master Services Agreement – German
QuoVadis Subscriber Agreement
QuoVadis Subscriber Agreement – Dutch
QuoVadis Subscriber Agreement – German
QuoVadis Master Reseller Agreement
QuoVadis Master Reseller Agreement – Dutch
QuoVadis Master Reseller Agreement – German
QuoVadis Relying Party Agreement
QuoVadis Relying Party Agreement – Dutch
QuoVadis Relying Party Agreement – German
QuoVadis Terms & Conditions for itsme®

Certificate Revocation and Problem Reporting
Additional documents for Qualified and PKIoverheid

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