Important user information

CP/CPS for QuoVadis

CP/CPS for Root CA and Root CA3 v4.35 Effective 24 September 2021
CP/CPS for Root CA2 v2.14 Effective 24 September 2021
QuoVadis PKI Disclosure Statement v1.12 Effective 28 June 2021
CP/CPS for Trust Anchor Root CA (Private) v1.0 Effective 7 Mar 2016

CPS for PKIoverheid

QuoVadis PKIoverheid CPS v1.9 Effective 24 September 2021
QuoVadis PKIoverheid PKI Disclosure Statement v1.9 Effective 28 June 2021

Time-Stamp Authority

QuoVadis Time-Stamp Disclosure Statement v1.11 Effective 22 November 2021
QuoVadis Time-Stamp Policy/Practice Statement v2.10 Effective 22 November 2021

Other Documents


QuoVadis Certificate Terms of Use
QuoVadis Certificate Terms of Use – Dutch
QuoVadis Certificate Terms of Use – German
QuoVadis Master Services Agreement
QuoVadis Master Services Agreement – Dutch
QuoVadis Master Services Agreement – German
QuoVadis Subscriber Agreement
QuoVadis Subscriber Agreement – Dutch
QuoVadis Subscriber Agreement – German
QuoVadis Master Reseller Agreement
QuoVadis Master Reseller Agreement – Dutch
QuoVadis Master Reseller Agreement – German
QuoVadis Relying Party Agreement
QuoVadis Relying Party Agreement – Dutch
QuoVadis Relying Party Agreement – German
QuoVadis Terms & Conditions for itsme®

Certificate Revocation and Problem Reporting
Additional documents for Qualified and PKIoverheid

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