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QTSP certificates and signing solutions

QuoVadis is Europe’s leading qualified trust service provider.
Now powered by DigiCert, QuoVadis is the only CA to offer the world’s most powerful PKI solutions with local compliance.

With DigiCert+QuoVadis, you can deploy and manage eIDAS-compliant QWACs and QeSeals for encryption and digital signatures/non-repudiation, securing all users, networks, documents and devices.

Sign, validate, identify and time-stamp documents and records according to European eIDAS and Swiss ZertES standards.


Identity. Security. Trust.

As a leader in encryption and trusted identity, QuoVadis+DigiCert maintains a suite of accreditations and independent audits. Protect your systems and users with the highest levels of assurance, including certification as a qualified CSP under ETSI standards.

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Trusted to secure the world’s most valuable data

DigiCert+QuoVadis solutions are trusted to secure:

of the top Global 2000 banks in Europe
of the top e-commerce sites in Europe
of Fortune 500 companies worldwide

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