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Russell Medway Joins QuoVadis Services as COO
18 Sep 2012

Russell Medway has been appointed Chief Operating Officer of QuoVadis Services Limited, Bermuda’s leading provider of managed datacentre services.

Mr. Medway has more than 25 years of experience managing complex information systems and infrastructure including serving in senior IT positions at Ironshore Insurance, Endurance Group, Centre Solutions, and Zurich Financial Services in Bermuda.

At QuoVadis, Mr. Medway will lead the service delivery function, including the customer onboarding process, as well as operational management of the QuoVadis datacentre and cloud hosting platforms. Mr. Medway will also be responsible for the monitoring and reporting of QuoVadis’ vital infrastructure for customers.

According to Gavin Dent, CEO of QuoVadis Services, “The IT sector in Bermuda is moving rapidly towards managed services as organisations seek to maintain their flexibility while lowering both their costs and operational risk. Russell has proven experience managing the types of mission critical systems that customers now entrust to QuoVadis, allowing us to consistently meet their demands for performance and availability.”

QuoVadis has offered co-location, virtual hosting, and disaster recovery services in Bermuda since 2003. More recently, QuoVadis built a new SecureCentre datacentre in central Hamilton to support the next generation of high density computing and cloud technologies.

“Customers trust QuoVadis’ track-record of infrastructure investment and reliable performance, as well as our ability to host their vital information securely within the Bermuda jurisdiction. With his experience managing global enterprise IT operations and software deployments, Russell will play an important role fulfilling that customer trust in QuoVadis,” added Mr. Dent.

QuoVadis was founded in 1999. In Bermuda, QuoVadis Services Limited is a dominant provider of secure hosting and disaster recovery services for the corporate sector, including co-location, managed datacentre, and cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS).  Sister company QuoVadis Limited operates internationally providing encryption services for online identity, privacy, and data integrity. QuoVadis is an accredited eID and digital signature provider in Holland and Switzerland.