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Basler Kantonalbank Adopts QuoVadis Trusted Timestamp Services
26 May 2009

As corporations move their transactions and archives online, they must take care to provide security to maintain the legal validity of those records. Swiss banking leader Basler Kantonalbank has chosen QuoVadis Trustlink Switzerland AG to support the transition of over 100 million paper documents to its new electronic archive. As the documents are scanned into the legally binding archive format, a digital signature is applied including a qualified time stamp.

In Switzerland, specific laws apply to corporate recordkeeping and archives, including those maintained electronically. To ensure compliance with these requirements, Basler Kantonalbank’s security auditors chose QuoVadis digital certificates and trusted timestamps.

The use of a timestamp is recommended by the law to assure both the authenticity of a document as well as the time of its creation. At Basler Kantonalbank, the StampSign software from Seacon Gygli was also used to apply digital signatures as part of the internal data processing. “The QuoVadis timestamp service provides high-performance and stable operation. Moreover, our time stamp service integrates well with the widely-used StampSign solution,” says Carl Rosenast, CEO of QuoVadis in Switzerland.

The conversion project at Basler Kantonalbank worked in three stages. “After scanning, the raw data was confirmed by the Bank, and converted into the PDF/A electronic document format. Then, the StampSign solution added an embedded digital signature as well as a qualified time stamp to verify when the document was created," says Rosenast. The resulting files may be viewed with the free Adobe® Acrobat Reader™ which automatically confirms the integrity and authenticity of each document.

A trusted time stamp applies an auditable time record, from a UTC(k) source defined by the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures, as well as a digital signature to make the document tamperproof. QuoVadis is officially recognized as a Qualified Time Stamp Authority (TSA) under the requirements of Swiss law (ZertES) and the European (ETSI) standards. With the use of qualified time stamps from QuoVadis, it is simple and inexpensive to assure that electronic archives are legally compliant by ensuring data integrity (genuine), the authenticity (authorship), and the date (the date and time).

QuoVadis is an internationally accredited certification service provider (CSP Certification Service Provider) with worldwide recognition (WebTrust). We offer electronic certificates in accordance with Swiss (ZertES) and European legislation (ETSI). With these certificates, users are capable of applying digital signatures around the globe. QuoVadis provides concepts, applications, toolkits, and various appliances for the use of electronic certificates and digital signatures as well as turnkey Managed PKI, Root Signing, and Time Stamping solutions. The QuoVadis Root Certificates are distributed worldwide in all major current browsers and operating systems.