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QuoVadis Provides Advanced Solutions for Secure Corporate Email
28 Sep 2017

QuoVadis, the managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) brand of WISeKey International Holding Ltd, has partnered with several email gateway companies to provide advanced solutions to secure corporate emails.

Over the years, QuoVadis' PKI solutions have helped some of the world's largest enterprises and government entities secure email and online communication through the use of automated digital certificates.

Recently QuoVadis entered into a partnership with German encryption specialists Zertificon Solutions whereby QuoVadis' email certificates are automatically administered via Zertificon’s Z1 SecureMail Gateway. This approach removes the difficulties of certificate management while allowing effective encryption by reducing user error.

QuoVadis-enabled secure email gateways automatically issue, renew and, if necessary, withdraw email certificates for employees. QuoVadis' managed PKI solutions can also secure messages from external partners who do not possess their own PKI, thus allowing full end-to-end message encryption. QuoVadis' managed PKI solutions, combined with secure email gateway applications, provide high levels of automation for certificate-based email encryption.

Roman Brunner, Managing Director of QuoVadis, noted, "The incidence of enterprise-wide email hacks is rising, and we are experiencing an increased demand from corporations for secure email solutions. Email is central to business communications and a breach not only disrupts normal business operations, but can damage a corporation's credibility and brand. We are offering our customers trusted certificates for a reliable price and without an extended PKI integration."

QuoVadis has partnerships with other secure email gateway companies, such as Secure Messaging Service from PrivaSphere, SEPPmail, and totemomail from Totemo. These email gateways, which function like a virtual mail office, are designed to secure all email traffic centrally and in accordance with each client's company-wide guidelines: emails for employees and systems are automatically encrypted and decrypted, signed and the signatures of incoming emails checked.