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Recruiting Scam Falsely Using QuoVadis Name
23 Jan 2016

QuoVadis is aware of on ongoing recruiting scam pretending to offer remote work jobs for QuoVadis in the United States.

QuoVadis is not currently recruiting for remote workers in the U.S. and these job approaches should be viewed as fraudulent.

The scam uses various false names on Gmail and other free email accounts and proposes online interviews using Google Hangouts and other free chat services. The fake recruiter sometimes requests that the user to perform training tasks, provide advance payment for recruiting costs, or return a signed employment letter including sensitive personal information such as birthdate and financial services providers.

QuoVadis Human Resources representatives always use a email address and digitally signed email that proves the origin of the message. You may contact QuoVadis here if you wish to confirm the legitimacy of a QuoVadis employee.

 Example of an S/MIME digitally signed email in Microsoft Outlook.  S/MIME allows emails to be encrypted for privacy or to be digitally signed (the red ribbon) to identify the sender and attest that the message content has not been modified.

Most email providers, including Gmail, allow you to report suspicious emails and scams.  If you have provided personal information to the scam that may be used to socially engineer access to your financial services accounts, we recommend that you contact your service provider and file a report with the FTC