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Digital Signatures for multi-channel portals: Partnership between ti&m AG and QuoVadis
16 Apr 2014

ti&m AG partners with recognized certificate provider QuoVadis Trustlink Switzerland AG. As part of the collaboration, ti&m AG is expanding its ti & m channel suite for web and mobile business with QuoVadis digital signature solutions allowing legally valid electronic signatures.

ti&m AG integrates and operates innovative multi-channel commerce and social business portals using their ti&m channel suite for clients in the financial and service sectors. Their work focuses on digital communication, interaction, transaction and networking with all channels and device types.

Cooperation with QuoVadis
The partnership between ti&m AG and QuoVadis is focused in the area of electronic signatures, complementing digital business processes with the use of digital certificates for legally binding digital signatures. “More and more customers enable their core business processes using our ti&m channel suite. Here, the legally binding electronic conclusion of contracts is becoming increasingly important. With the cooperation with QuoVadis, our offer provides value for end users with paper-free mobility that meets the highest standards of security and compliance," said Thomas Wüst, CEO of ti&m AG of the company’s decision to work with QuoVadis.

Electronic Signatures Made Easy
With the QuoVadis Personal Signing Service the necessary digital certificates are issued “on demand” to end users directly within the electronic process and made available without a smart card or token. For this, a prior verification of the end user’s identity is necessary. The certificates are managed in QuoVadis’ highly secure, certified data center in Switzerland. “Users of the ti&m channel suite can always create legally binding electronic signatures on documents - whether they are using a desktop or mobile device - fully in line with the philosophy of ti&m channel suite," explains Carl Rosenast, CEO of QuoVadis Trustlink Switzerland AG.

Electronic signatures, Accelerate e-Business
With the addition of legally binding electronic signatures, the multi-channel portal market reaches a new dimension. This will provide ti&m customers with the ability to conclude contracts and other important documents with their clients online, legally and securely, without a physical presence.

About ti&m AG
ti&m stands for technology, innovation & management. The name reflects the consistent alignment of the entire company on innovative solutions, technologies and procedures. The 100% independent company is majority owned by the founder and CEO Thomas Wüst, with minority interest held by the management of ti&m AG. ti&m AG has offices in Zurich and Bern, and currently includes more than 170 engineers and engineers.