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QuoVadis and Calligo Announce Partnership for Offshore Cloud Services
25 Mar 2014

QuoVadis Services and Calligo, two of the most technically advanced and secure offshore cloud service providers, today announced a new partnership to provide innovative cloud-based services located in multiple offshore jurisdictions.

Under the partnership, QuoVadis and Calligo will offer pan-island cloud services, leveraging their combined investment in facilities and high-performance technologies, while allowing customers to choose the offshore location of their data and applications. Examples of services offered under the partnership include CloudDrive (a secure document storage and synchronisation service), CloudDesk (a Desktop-as-a-Service/DaaS offering), and jurisdiction-specific disaster recovery services.

QuoVadis was founded in 1999, operating its own secure datacentres and pioneering the use of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud hosting in Bermuda. QuoVadis serves both the local company and international business sectors, providing both production and business continuity platforms, as well as a growing array of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) options.

Gavin Dent, CEO of QuoVadis Services, said “As a leading name in offshore cloud services, QuoVadis has always found much in common with Calligo, from the clients we serve to the technology platforms we operate. The QuoVadis partnership with Calligo will allow our organisations to deploy the most cutting edge cloud solutions in the offshore context, with guaranteed data residency, as well as to provide additional options for offshore disaster recovery for our customers.”

Founded in the Channel Islands in 2012, Calligo is focused on delivering a global offshore cloud offering. Calligo has over 50 man years of practical experience delivering cloud services where applications, data and business processes are aligned to provide clients with the reality of true agile computing in the most efficient methods possible.

Julian Box, CEO of Calligo, said “Calligo is rapidly establishing itself as the premier provider of cloud services across multiple offshore jurisdictions. By partnering with like-minded organisations we provide the best scale and innovative services for offshore clouds. QuoVadis is one of those organisations and we are delighted to be partnering with them to deliver our joint customers best of breed cloud services.”

Julian Box of Calligo and Gavin Dent of QuoVadis Services announce the partnership between the two dominant providers of offshore cloud services to provide news Software-as-a Service offerings including CloudDrive (a secure document storage and synchronisation service), CloudDesk (a Desktop-as-a-Service offering), and jurisdiction-specific disaster recovery services. .