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QuoVadis Services Announces All-SSD Platform for High Performance Cloud Storage
6 Nov 2013

QuoVadis Services, the pioneer of cloud computing in Bermuda, today announced that it has upgraded its cloud storage offering to all-SSD (Solid-State Drive) technologies to provide guaranteed high performance for its enterprise customers.

QuoVadis selected an all-SSD platform powered by SolidFire, the market leader in high-performance data storage systems specifically designed for large-scale public cloud and private cloud infrastructure. QuoVadis is the first company in Bermuda to adopt cutting edge all-SSD on a large scale.

“With SolidFire, we have turbocharged the performance of the QuoVadis cloud,” said Gavin Dent, CEO of QuoVadis Services. “Our customers choose QuoVadis to realise the flexibility, scalability and cost-savings advantages of enterprise-class cloud hosting. With our all-SSD cloud platform, we’ve removed the bottlenecks of traditional hard-disk storage and are the first provider in Bermuda to guarantee Quality of Service for critical customer applications, completely eliminating variability in storage performance.”

The combination of QuoVadis’ robust IT infrastructure and its ability to provide guaranteed service levels for storage gives QuoVadis a strategic competitive advantage in the Bermuda and offshore cloud computing marketplace.

Many traditional cloud platforms suffer from the “noisy neighbour” syndrome where a single customer or application can degrade the performance of other customers by monopolizing the available system resources for itself. The QuoVadis all-SSD cloud platform not only provides faster speeds than older hard-disk technology, but allows QuoVadis to guarantee specific storage performance levels by customer or even by application.

“In just a few years, even the largest Bermuda companies have moved away from internal datacentres to take advantage of the efficiencies of cloud computing. At the same time, many of their systems require intensive computing power or include jurisdictionally-sensitive data. By choosing the QuoVadis IaaS platform they get the high-performance and the reliable storage for any business scenario or critical application, right here in Bermuda,” continued Mr. Dent.

With the rapid growth in cloud computing, QuoVadis has seen more than an 800% increase in its storage requirements in the last two years alone. The new QuoVadis platform allows that huge storage to continue to grow in scale without losing performance.

QuoVadis ( was founded in Bermuda in 1999, operating its own secure hosting datacentres in the City of Hamilton. In Bermuda, QuoVadis was one of first service providers to adopt virtualisation technologies, evolving into its current Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud hosting platforms used by both local and international companies for either production or business continuity purposes. In addition, QuoVadis provides colocation (dedicated hosting) and other managed IT services. Internationally, QuoVadis is a leading certificate authority providing encryption services for online identity, privacy, and data integrity.