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Roman Brunner, QuoVadis CEO, Named President of SuisseID Association
25 Jan 2012

QuoVadis CEO Roman Brunner has been named President of the SuisseID Trägerverein, the association with responsibility for the Swiss national electronic ID programme (

SuisseID was launched in May 2010 by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) as the first standardised product for secure electronic identity verification in Switzerland. SuisseID credentials may be used to conduct online transactions by individuals, between companies, or with Government. SuisseID provides the following benefits: 

  • Electronic proof of identity 
  • Electronic proof of function (including role in a company or a professional designation) 
  • Qualified (legally binding) electronic signature

SuisseID was initially funded by the Swiss Government as an economic stimulus for the IT sector and to encourage the adoption of electronic commerce at all levels of the Swiss economy. As the programme has become established, responsibility for its management has shifted to the independent SuisseID Trägerverein led by key players in the sector.

Today, more than 220 organisations have enabled their online offerings to accept SuisseID credentials, which are stored on a smartcard or USB device and may be used with normal browser or email software. In addition, important trade associations and managed service providers have also adopted SuisseID for their online activities.

QuoVadis clients include, a large hosting and IT services provider, which provides QuoVadis SuisseIDs to customers for secure authentication to their online services as well as for secure email. Similarly KPT, a national health insurer, uses QuoVadis SuisseIDs to authenticate clients using their web platform and to enable qualified electronic signatures for paperless contract handling.

QuoVadis was founded in Bermuda in 1999. Mr. Brunner was a long-term Bermuda resident before returning to his native Switzerland to lead QuoVadis’ international development efforts. QuoVadis ( has been an approved issuer of SuisseID since the programme’s inception, with registration points across the country including at all major rail stations and municipal offices. In addition, QuoVadis’ Dutch subsidiary is an issuer for large-scale eID programmes in the Netherlands called PKI Overheid and e-Herkenning.

In addition to his role of President of the SuisseID Trägerverein, Mr. Brunner also serves on the organisation’s International Working Group which manages SuisseID compatibility with other eID standards and initiatives, including those of the EU STORK Project, World eID, and the Universal Postal Union.