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ZorgTTP Chooses QuoVadis Certificates
5 Dec 2011

QuoVadis Trustlink BV has been selected as the key supplier of trusted digital certificates for ZorgTTP.

Based in the Netherlands, ZorgTTP is an experienced Trusted Third Party that can assist in sharing and accessing databases with sensitive information such as health care records.

ZorgTTP has the in-house knowledge, experience and technology to edit personal data for anonymity in accordance with legal requirements. Besides the sharing of existing data files, ZorgTTP provides opportunities for data processing and research, which until recently were not possible or were highly restricted.

ZorgTTP systems use digital certificates for strong authentication and encryption. The QuoVadis certificates can be processed within the CMT new release (version 3.1) of ZorgTTP which went into production on November 22, 2010. The new version also provides support for 2048-bit keys.

QuoVadis is pleased to have been selected to serve ZorgTTP and its users. To request digital certificates for ZorgTTP, QuoVadis provides a special application website which may be accessed here.