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QuoVadis Introduces Sign! for SuisseID
6 Sep 2011

QuoVadis has introduced Sign! free PDF software allowing its SuisseID users to easily create legally binding digital signatures on electronic documents.

Launched in May 2010 in cooperation with the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), SuisseID is the first standardised national electronic proof of identity in Switzerland. SuisseIDs are issued on smartcards or cryptotokens and are legally valid eID. Under the Swiss ZertES law, electronic signatures created using SuisseID have the same legal validity as their paper counterparts.

Using Sign! QuoVadis users can fill out and sign PDF forms. Users can also create new PDF documents as well as insert electronic signatures that identify the signer and make the document tamperproof. Sign! allows users to customise the content and visual appearance of the electronic signature.

Sign! creates both Qualified and Advanced electronic signatures (with optional time-stamp) under ETSI standards and verifies the validity of signatures using OCSP and CRL. To meet long term archiving requirements, Sign! creates a legally compliant PDF/A validation report. Sign! is available for both Windows and Apple operating systems and supports Mini Driver, PKCS #11 and TokenD integration for use in popular browsers and email software.

Sign! optionally supports the use of secure PIN entry via card reader. Customers requiring additional security can upgrade at a special price to the Sign Live! CC Certified Signature Solution, which is certified by BSI for compliance with the German Signature Act, the German Digital Signature Ordinance and relevant Common Criteria (CC).

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