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Mike Harris Appointed CTO of QuoVadis Services
10 Jan 2011

Mike Harris has been appointed Chief Technology Officer of QuoVadis Services Limited, Bermuda’s leading provider of managed datacentre services.

Mr. Harris, a Bermudian, has twenty years experience designing and managing large telecommunications and IT infrastructures on the island for companies including IBL (predecessor of Logic), Cable & Wireless, and Quantum. Mr. Harris will be responsible for continuing evolution of QuoVadis’ datacentre and managed services offerings.

According to Gavin Dent, CEO of QuoVadis Services, “We are excited to have Mike join our team with his well-earned reputation as a technology pioneer. The IT sector in Bermuda is moving rapidly towards managed services as companies seek to maintain their flexibility while lowering both their costs and operational risk.”

QuoVadis has offered high end hosting, private cloud and disaster recovery services since 2003. The company recently opened the multimillion dollar SecureCentre datacentre in Hamilton designed for the next generation of high density technologies.

“With QuoVadis, customers find an experienced provider with a reliable track-record as well as a commitment to evolve its offerings with virtualisation and cloud technologies that make sense for Bermuda’s local and international business needs. Mike will play an important role in building this next generation infrastructure for Bermuda,” added Mr. Dent.

QuoVadis was founded in Bermuda in 1999. QuoVadis has two major lines of business. In Bermuda, QuoVadis Services Limited is a dominant provider of secure computer hosting and disaster recovery services for the corporate sector. Sister company QuoVadis Limited operates internationally providing encryption services that are used to identify users and devices online, to ensure privacy, to protect data integrity and to create legally valid electronic signatures. For more information, see