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QuoVadis Launches SecureCentre City, Bermuda's Primary Data Centre for Outsourced Primary Hosting and Disaster Recovery
17 Dec 2010

Bermudian technology company QuoVadis is investing in a multi-million dollar expansion of its SecureCentre data centres on the island.

As part of the expansion, the company has named Gavin Dent – a 20 year veteran of Bermuda’s IT sector – as CEO of its subsidiary QuoVadis Services Limited which will focus with expanded resources and staffing on the co-location, virtual hosting and managed IT services business.

The new corporate structure allows the existing management of sister company QuoVadis Limited to focus on its fast-growing international digital certificate business, which has offices in Switzerland, Holland and the United Kingdom.

QuoVadis opened its first SecureCentre facility in 2003, providing high end hosting, private cloud and disaster recovery services for a wide range of Bermudian and exempt companies. The facility has weathered such critical events as Hurricane Fabian and the Belco fire without any impact on customers’ uptime.

The new QuoVadis SecureCentre City is designed to Tier 3-standards that provide complete redundancy for all critical systems. The facility is located in central Hamilton and offers more than 50 racks suited to the high density/high power servers used by many large organisations on the island.

According to Mr. Dent, “Even with the building boom that Bermuda has enjoyed in recent years, many large companies quickly discover that they do not want the risk or cost of running their own data centre. QuoVadis focuses on specialised data centre operations, allowing customers to maintain concentration on their own core business. By using an experienced provider like QuoVadis, companies maintain their flexibility while lowering both their costs and operational risk.”

In addition to a focus on resilience and uptime, the new QuoVadis SecureCentre City deploys the latest technologies to ensure high energy efficiency.

“Each new generation of technology becomes more powerful, and as that density grows, so do demands for heat and cooling,” said Mr. Dent. “Our focus on server density and energy efficiency will ultimately benefit our customers who require outsourced hosting and collocations solutions that will provide long term operational cost savings.”

The new SecureCentre City is designed to support the needs of customers looking to outsource their internal production systems using the latest technologies that provide flexible hosting options, lowered IT costs, reduced business risk and higher systems availability.

“Our customers’ requirements have evolved from outsourcing of IT disaster recovery to using QuoVadis as an outsourced production data centre running live mission critical systems,” continued Mr. Dent.

QuoVadis worked with Secure I.T. Environments Limited in the UK, a specialist in building complex modular data centres. Local support was provided by Bermuda Project Managers Ltd as well as Aruajo Construction, BAC, BELCO and BESCO.
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QuoVadis was founded in Bermuda in 1999. QuoVadis has two major lines of business. In Bermuda, QuoVadis Services Limited is a dominant provider of secure computer hosting and disaster recovery services for the corporate sector. Internationally, QuoVadis Limited is a well-established certificate authority. QuoVadis digital certificates and time-stamps are used to identify users and devices online, to ensure privacy, to protect data integrity and to create legally valid electronic signatures. For more information, see