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QuoVadis SuisseID network expands with SBB Swiss National Railroad
3 Aug 2010

QuoVadis has signed a deal with SBB, the Swiss national railroad, allowing citizens to sign up for SuisseID at more than 180 SSB Change and Western Union offices across Switzerland.

SuisseID is a national electronic ID that may be used by individuals and business representatives to log into a variety of consumer and public sector websites using a secure smartcard/token and to encrypt documents as well as create legally valid digital signatures.

Under SuisseID, users must present their identity documents in a face-to-face validation session. QuoVadis already provides registration through municipal offices across Switzerland, as well as through the major mobilezone retailer. The new SSB agreement provides flexibility for users in signing up, with the extended hours of the SBB Change and Western Union locations. After validation, QuoVadis delivers the SuisseID directly to the user.

For the mass production of the SuisseID smartcards, QuoVadis is working with Trueb AG (, a leading international provider of electronic cards and governmental identity documents. For business users, QuoVadis SuisseID smartcards can be customised as corporate photo ID or include RFID technology for use with building security systems.

QuoVadis’ clients include the Swiss Bar Association who use the SuisseID to confirm lawyers’ qualifications and to allow digital notarisation of documents using digital signatures and PDF files.

The QuoVadis online signup for SuisseID may be found at