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QuoVadis Expands Swiss Management Team
20 Jan 2010

QuoVadis has expanded the management team of its Swiss subsidiary with the arrival of René Reinli as head of Business Development and Sales.

Mr. Reinli has deep experience in the e-business sector, particularly in banking, where he has previous experience in deploying trusted digital signatures to comply with regulations for authentication and data integrity.

Among other projects, Mr. Reinli will lead QuoVadis’ participation in SuisseID, a wide-ranging national e-ID programme being introduced in Switzerland for 2010.  Subsidised by the Federal government, the SuisseID programme is intended to provide individuals and businesses with secure electronic identity cards that may be used across a range of online services, increasing the security of e-business and encouraging the growth of e-commerce in the country.

Founded in Bermuda in 1999, QuoVadis formed QuoVadis Trustlink Schweiz AG in 2005 to pursue Qualified Certification Service Provider (CSP) status through the Swiss regulator BAKOM (Bundesamt für Kommunikation) to better serve the needs of customers in Europe. In addition, QuoVadis is an EU Qualified CSP in Holland, and an Authorised CSP in Bermuda.

Qualified Certificates, as well as their associated digital signatures and trusted time-stamps, enjoy special legal status under most national laws and are rapidly being adopted for high value electronic transactions such as government filings, e-invoicing activities, and financial services.