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QuoVadis Participates in SuisseID
20 Oct 2009

QuoVadis will participate in SuisseID, a national e-identity programme being launched by the Swiss Confederation in spring of 2010.

Secure and reliable electronic identities are important requirements for legally valid e- commerce between organisations, public authorities, customers, and citizens.

The goal of the SuisseID is to increase the use of digital signatures to confirm that the correct person is conducting a transaction (authenticity) and that the transactional details have not been changed after the signing process (integrity). The digital signatures may also be used to validate the signer’s authority and professional titles.

 SuisseID willl create a legally binding link between a natural person and their roles and authorisation inside an organisation. The programme is being launched by the existing Swiss certification service providers – including QuoVadis – as well as the Swiss Federal Office of Statistics and the eCH association.

The SuisseID system will contain three elements: 

  • electronic proof of identity in form of an advanced certificate; 
  • qualified electronic certificate for legally binding electronic signatures; and 
  • electronic proof of authority.

Using SuisseID, users may securely authenticate at online services as well as sign legally binding documents. When needed, the authorisation register will provide the transparency between the participants, (e.g. full authority, affiliations to associations, professional register, etc.).

Every natural person can obtain a SuisseID from QuoVadis by May 2010. The Swiss Confederation will subsidise the first SuisseID recipients with up to 80% of the purchase price, with CHF 17 million in direct subsidies allocated to the programme.

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